I am 4, 5, 6

Original songs about imagination, creative problem solving, and finding your heart. (Recommended for children ages 4-6). Total running time 40min.

"The dozen tunes here deliver a cheery set of music that adds up to an entertaining album for youngsters. Kids and parents will love this album." Elena Epstein, NAPPA Director (Link to full article)

"Bevington presents 12 gentle pop melodies with lovely harmonies. These songs will encourage listeners to explore their own imaginations." Bookworm Bev (Link to full article)

" Such gossamer vocal overdubs. Such wistful sentiments...Margot makes I AM 4, 5, 6 an easy primer for next-step advancement of discovery, self-actualization, and having fun with imagination." Jeffrey Cohen, GeekDad and MrJeff2000  (Link to full article)

"Margot, an award winning music educator, really knows how to reach little kids with her voice... [The album has] dulcet tones of piano sprinkled with playful sounds like xylophones and trains (and a dash of fairy-dust feeling, rock and roll reverb)...Listening to the album is a good reminder to lean into that quick hug just a little bit longer" Nichole Dowlearn, Frederick Macaroni Kid (Link to full article)

"I recommend music that is designed for thoughtful and fun loving children, which brings me to Margot Bevington's unique sound and approach to songs for children. I think 'Invent' is my favorite song on this album...it so perfectly expresses the inventive mind of a child." Val Smalkin, Tot Rock (Link to full article)

"It might aptly be said that artists are people who have had the good fortune to never grow up. In 'I am 4, 5, 6,' Margot Bevington does a delightful job of capturing and conveying the wonderment of childhood, a key factor in why young listeners are so quickly and deeply drawn into the music."Tillywig Award Review