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Ms. Margot's Music performances!

Book Ms. Margot to add sweetness and an  artsy vibe to your next event! With over 12 years of experience teaching and entertaining children, Ms. Margot is sure to captivate your young audience and delight families. With movement, instruments, bubbles, puppets and more, Ms. Margot keeps children engaged with her gentle invitations to participate. Versatile in performing original songs and classics, Ms. Margot connects with her audience- children are “quickly and deeply drawn into the music" (Tillywig). Ms. Margot’s Music “works on two levels” (NAPPA), inspiring for parents too, who have observed her audiences to be “full of joy” (Amazon). As heard on Sirius XM's Kids Place Live, Ms. Margot's Music has won multiple awards, and in performance, she has been likened to both Mr. Rogers and Shelly Duvall. Ms. Margot channels her inner Kindergarten teacher, child, and mom to deliver joyful, gentle, folk-rock and classically inspired musical performances for families.


    "Ms. Margot is just awesome. I love her songs and the children do too!" -Veron E., Parent 

    "Ms. Margot's performance was wonderful, I loved the way she involved the children. They loved dancing and singing along. Thanks for making our holiday party memorial!" -Jo Jo's Family Daycare

    "Margot did a fantastic job! Several families came down and enjoyed Margot's singing. Margot has a special gift of making our children and our families feel very special." -Greg Scott, Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services/ Patient Experience, Children's National Health System

    "My 1-year-old gradson and his friends ages 1 to 5 loved Ms. Margot's musical performance. Along with performing songs, Ms. Margot used scarves, shakers, bubbles, and stuffed animals to engage the children. The kids were enthralled and 30 minutes was just the right amount of time for this age group. Thank you Ms. Margot" -Candyce S., Birthday party 

    "Kids really enjoyed everything Ms. Margot played. Loved the extra touches with the scarves and shakers!" - Sarah L., Birthday Party

    “Ms. Margot is great! Her concerts are very unique in that each one follows a theme and all audience members get a chance to participate, whether by playing an instrument, dressing in a costume, or dancing along. Her original songs are quite catchy and easy to follow along and sing. We have her first CD, and are looking forward to purchasing her next one.” -Sophie Minaert, Parent of Participants in Ms. Margot’s Musical Playgroups