"The music has an artsy folk vibe that is very mellow, with a hint of nostalgia in its own light-hearted and melodic way...The whole album is a fun way to connect with your kiddo and remind yourself that these times are short lived and worth embracing." -Nichole Dowlearn, Frederick Macaroni Kid, Link to Full Article

"It might aptly be said that artists are people who have had the good fortune to never grow up. In 'I am 4, 5, 6,' Margot Bevington does a delightful job of capturing and conveying the wonderment of childhood, a key factor in why young listeners are so quickly and deeply drawn into the music." -Tillywig Award Review (Link to full review)

*Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award Winner*

"Here is a positive and melodious album from Margot Bevington for younger children. This is a fun and easy to understand album of music. Ms. Bevington's vocals are clear and light, and the accompanying music is simple yet rhythmic at the same time. The vocals in the title track have a nice melody that is a little catchy for young listeners, and quite listenable for parents of any age. As you listen through these songs, you'll notice that the other tracks nicely have the same qualities. A very nicely done children's album by Margot Bevington." -Russell Suereth (Amazon/ITunes Review)

"Many of [Ms. Margot's] songs incorporate lessons in a way that is fun and delightful for children to learn. I know she has made a very positive impact in the lives of my children and so many others I know" - Cristina Jones, Parent of Participant in Ms. Margot's Musical Playgroups- Link to full Blog article